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À La Carte 

Enjoy a selection of British and Asian dishes.
Available from 12:30-14:15 Monday to Friday and 18:00-22:15 daily.


Small Plates

  3 Carlingford Oysters £16 

  Lime, Ginger, Chilli  



  Cured Tuna Wonton Tart £23 

  Wasabi Mayonnaise, Keta, Kaffir Lime 



  Torched Mackerel £22  

  Tomato Ponzu, Pickled Mustard Seeds  


Large Plates

 Seared Japanese Wagyu Sirloin £88 

  Roasted Peaches, Wild Garlic, Wasabi 



 Miso Cod £34

  White Soy & Mushroom Broth, Shiitake


 Spring Lamb £42  

  Feta Dumpling, Lap Cheong, Cumin, Chilli Sauce  


  Soy Glazed Dingley Dell Pork £36 

   Cutlet & Belly, Bok Choy, 

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad 



Shangri-La Signatures


‘‘Buddha’s Delight’’ £22

 Mixed Wok Fried Vegetables and Bean Curd Puff, 

Cooked in Sweet Soy Sauce 



 Stir-Fried Mongolian Beef £34 

 Bell Peppers, Red & Spring Onions, Dried Birds Eye Chilli 


  Salt & Pepper Wok Stir-Fried Pork £32 

 Diced Bell Peppers, Spring Onions, Birds Eye Chilli, Garlic Flakes 


 Kung Pao Chicken £32 

Chunky Diced Chicken, Szechuan Dried Chilli, Szechuan Peppercorn,

Spring Onion, Bamboo Shoots,

Water Chestnuts, Cashew Nuts 



  Spiced Cod & Salmon Croquettes £9  



 Chilli Garlic Wild Mushrooms £9 



  Spicy Broccoli £7 



Chocolate & Miso £12

Crunchy Cocoa Nib, Chocolate Mousse,

Salted Toffee Crémeux, Gold Chocolate,

Miso Ice Cream



 Coconut Dome £14 

 Coconut Mousse, Mango & Passion Fruit Compote,

Matcha Ice Cream 


*Please note this is only a sample menu and the full menu is available below. The menu is subject to change.

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